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Van Insurance Quotes Online - Find The Cheapest Van Insurance in the UK - Insure Your Commercial Vehicle

Van Insurance
With more UK insurance companies than ever now offering van insurance policies, it really does make sense shopping around to find your best van insurance quote.

The good news is that many UK comparison websites now also offer van insurance comparisons alongside their existing car insurance comparison services. The process is exactly the same – simply fill out the standard form and you will be shown a list of the top van insurance companies and their lowest quotes for insuring your van. A top tip for getting the best price – don’t just use one van insurance comparison website, try a few. You may be surprised that one comparison website may display results from new van insurers the other comparison websites do not yet work with.

Remember that you generally cannot use your existing private car no claims bonus on your van insurance policy. Because your van insurance policy is normally classed as a commercial vehicle policy, your existing no claims bonus accrued from your private car insurance cannot be transferred. However, often van insurance companies will take into consideration your existing driving experience & offer discount accordingly for good drivers.

Getting the Cheapest Van insurance Policy
Van insurance policy prices can vary widely depending on your profession, the area you are conducting your business, the industry you serve, and the amount of miles you travel. With the latter, try to be as specific as possible with the number of miles, as very often this can change the price of the premium significantly.

Also remember to check what you are covered for – many van insurers will only cover you for an agreed level for valuable items left in your van overnight. Some insurers may or may not cover you for stock left in your van, so whilst one insurance premium may look cheaper than another, do check the small print because that extra cost may actually provide useful cover in the event of a claim and work out better value than the cheaper quote.

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