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Motorbike Insurance Quotes Online - Find The Cheapest Motorbike Insurance in the UK - Insure Your Motorbike

Motorbike Insurance
With more UK insurance companies than ever now offering motorbike insurance policies, it really does make sense shopping around to find your best motorbike insurance quote.

The good news is that many UK comparison websites now also offer motorbike insurance comparisons alongside their existing car insurance comparison services. The process is exactly the same – simply fill out the standard form and you will be shown a list of the top motorbike insurance companies and their lowest quotes for insuring your motorbike. A top tip for getting the best price – don’t just use one motorbike insurance comparison website, try a few. You may be surprised that one comparison website may display results from new motorbike insurers the other comparison websites do not work with yet.

As motorbike theft is a major problem in the UK due to the size of the bikes being relatively easy to lift and put in the back of a van, consider adding a tracking device to help reduce your insurance premium. It is also very worthwhile investing in a well-known insurance-approved anti-theft locking device to prevent the motorbike from being moved or stolen from where is it stored.

How to reduce your motorbike insurance premium and save money
The main problem with bikes is theft. Unlike cars, they are very easy to lift and transport, so if a sports bike is just left parked up on the side of the road there is nothing stopping a couple of thieves pulling up in a van, lifting your bike into the back and driving off with it. You therefore need to look at using a suitable lock that attaches your motorbike to something secure so that it cannot be moved or taken away. If there is nothing nearby to attach the bike to, consider a disc lock. This is a small portable lock that attaches to the front brake disc to prevent the wheel from rotating, meaning if anyone did want to steal your bike, the only way is to lift it completely off the floor.

Where and how you store the motorbike at home is also a major factor to the cost of your motorbike insurance premium. Leaving your bike outside on the street again poses a major risk to the insurer that your bike may be stolen or damaged. Always try to store your bike somewhere secure, such as a garage. If you do not have a garage, try to store it off the road somewhere where you can securely lock it to a solid object, again reducing the chances of theft and damage.

Using your motorbike for commuting very often also increases the cost of your motorbike insurance premium – the insurer sees this as the most dangerous time of the day to be out on your bike, in busy traffic. Using your bike only for pleasure and domestic purposes use should help reduce the overall cost. Finally as with most insurance policies, the fewer miles you do on your motorbike, then normally the lower the premium will be – put simply, the less you use your bike/the fewer miles you do on it, the less chance you have of being involved in an accident, therefore the insurance company takes this into consideration with the price they charge you for the motorbike insurance policy. Get a no obligation motorbike insurance quote today from the top providers displayed above.

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