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Student Insurance
As a student, it’s all about saving money and getting the best deal, and it’s no different when it comes to insurance. Whether it’s student homes insurance or student car insurance, we have the best providers specialising in finding you the lowest prices for your requirements.

Often as a student, you may be living in rented student accommodation with several other students, such as a terraced student house rented to you by a private landlord. One of the conditions of your student rental agreement is normally to have household insurance to cover you in the event of the house being broken into or just damaged during the course of your tenancy. Student home insurance policies are generally quite cheap and offer varying levels of cover. Check each policy carefully to ensure you are covered for the most important things laid out in your student tenancy agreement.

Some landlords supply basic home insurance as part of the agreement, but this should be checked first. If this has been done, you may only need to buy student contents insurance which covers you for your own personal belongings such as laptops, phones, textbooks and similar in the event of your student house being burgled and items stolen.

Ways of reducing your student home insurance and saving further money
Consider getting a group policy, if the insurer offers one. This way you and all the other students are covered under one policy for the entire household at the specified address. The upside to this is that your premium may be less, and when the cost is split across all of the people you are sharing a student house with, it may work out more cost effective. The downside is if only one of the students you live with is affected by something that has resulted in a claim being made, you will all still need to pay the total insurance excess charged by the insurer in order for the claim to be made.

Other ways of reducing your student home insurance policy is by deselecting various items of cover not really required, or reducing the total single item amount you are covered for, therefore reducing the total amount you can possibly claim for, which in turn can sometimes reduce the overall premium. Why not get a free student insurance quote from the providers listed above and get yourself covered instantly online today.

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