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Work Injury - Being Injured at Work

Our work is our bread and butter; we do it because we have to. For most people the weekly wage is mostly if not wholly accounted for in terms of paying bills, shopping, putting petrol in the car. Those who are fortunate may have a few pounds left at the end of each week to set aside for the unforeseen.

So when you sustain a work injury, all of this is thrown into uncertainty. If you can no longer do the job that you are paid to do then all your plans are placed on hold. Suddenly the bills that need to be paid cannot be paid, if you are not receiving a regular income. If the situation is not your fault it can be dispiriting and even infuriating.

Every employer, large or small, has basic obligations in respect of health and safety. If your work injury has come about as a consequence of some dereliction of those obligations then your employer may be liable.

Depending upon the nature of your work agreement and the extent to which that liability is challenged, you may be able to seek compensation from your employer.

Of course suing your own employer is not without its consequences. If you are still employed at the company it may prejudice your future relationship with them. Psychologically it is a difficult situation to be in.

There are various work injury solicitors and other sources of advice that one can turn to in order to gain a better picture as to whether a claim against an employer in respect of a work injury is viable, or in any case desirable. They will help you to consider the pros and cons, and to reach an informed decision based upon all of the available facts.

Alternatively if you are a member of a trade union you may be eligible for some support through this source. It is worth checking out the terms of your union membership and what is offered in return for your subscription.

One of the major considerations both when deciding whether to proceed with a work injury claim against your company and, if so, in ascertaining quantum, would be whether the injury is likely to be temporary or permanent. If the latter it may result in you having to discontinue with your employment and any compensation arrangement should reflect that forced change in your situation.

There are in practice lots of things to consider before making up your mind regarding a work injury claim and it is important that you are able to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages in your own time and in a manner with which you are comfortable. A good work injury lawyer or advisor will help you to do this without resort to pressure or the hard sell. Compare leading work injury lawyers at the above websites and choose the best work injury compensation company for your own requirements.

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