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Pet Insurance

According to vets, the majority of owners considerably underestimate the cost of treatment for their pets. When deciding to take on a pet one will automatically be mindful of the additional cost to the household of feeding the new addition, but it is less likely that the consequences of the onset of sudden illness will feature in one’s thoughts.

Yet animals as pets will encounter all the pitfalls met by us humans during the course of a lifetime and often many more besides.

A cat owner for example may wish to contemplate the lifestyle of his or her chosen pet and what the consequences may be of having in their charge an animal that roams the neighbourhood at will, hunts, fights and has to encounter daily competition from foxes and other cats, the enmity of dogs, the unwillingness of some potential prey animals to be caught and eaten without a struggle, and that is not to mention the natural and man-made hazards that exist wherever they wander.

Cats in particular are quite often liable to become lost, whether they are taken by humans or stroll off to pastures new on their own accord.

Thousands of pets each year are hit by cars and other vehicles. Some, sadly, do not recover and may require burial or cremation. Others do, but require expensive treatment by veterinary surgeons. Many pets also become lost.

It is a sad fact that each year many thousands of pet owners choose euthanasia for their pets because they cannot of afford the cost of nursing them back to full health. Even then, “putting down” a treasured pet brings with it a fee, as does any cremation or burial service.

Dog ownership creates some separate issues of its own. A lot of owners will wish their dear pet to receive dental treatment. Kennel fees are incurred when we go away on holiday and cannot bring them with us. These can be substantial. One may also wish to consider third party liability insurance in case one’s dog should cause any harm to others or damage to their belongings.

The answer to all these worries and more is to ensure that one is amply covered by pet insurance. A regular monthly premium will bring peace of mind on all of these counts, just so long as they are accounted for in your pet insurance policy.

The amount of cover that one receives and what aspects are covered are usually proportionate to the amount that one decides to invest in a pet insurance policy. Checking the written terms of an agreement prior to entering into it are critical as some providers automatically include areas of cover that are excluded from the policies of others. Compare some of the cheapest Pet Insurance policies online at the above pet insurance websites.

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