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Personal Injury Claim

Under what circumstances would a reasonable person wish to make a personal injury claim? To begin by stating the obvious, an injury of some form or another would need to have been sustained. This need not be a physical injury – many claims have been fought and won on grounds of psychological injury, maybe caused by threats, bullying, sexual or racial harassment or even by the stress of undue demands being placed upon an employee of a company.

Alternatively one might trip or slip as a direct consequence of the actions (or inactions) of another person. Placing tools or other items onto a public footway would be one example. Or the unlawful parking of a car in such a way as to force another to take evasive action in order to pass by, resulting in injury.

In another instance injury may be caused by a car due to the negligent or unreasonable actions of the driver. In all of these cases a personal injury claim might be justified if the consequence of the unreasonable action is physical or psychological injury inflicted upon another which can be demonstrated, if needs be, to the satisfaction of a civil court.

Against whom the claim would be made depends entirely upon the circumstances of the accident. A compensation claim for an injury caused by a private motorist could only really be made against that motorist. However if the offending motorist was driving a company van, for example, when the injury was sustained it may be that the company may be sued instead as the driver was acting as its agent when out and about in a van.

A claim for injury sustained at work would almost always be against the company in question, irrespective of whether a specific individual was to blame, as the company had a duty of care to you whilst you were employed and on the premises.

A trip or fall over an uneven pavement could mean a personal injury claim against the council under whose jurisdiction it falls, if the pavement is maintained by the local authority. In such an eventuality a photograph of the damaged pathway is often useful as local authorities when notified of impending litigation have an uncanny habit of destroying the evidence.

In short, it is the person or corporate entity that is ultimately, or in the main, responsible for your predicament that should be legally to blame for it. If one is ever unclear on this question it always pays to seek professional advice. Speak to a personal injury claims specialist by visiting one of the above personal injury claims websites and get further information to see if it is worthwhile you pursuing your personal injury claim.

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