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Best Low Cost Will-Writing Services Online - Reputable Will Writing Services. Find a Will-Writing Service Online UK

Low Cost Will-Writing Services

The rules on intestacy make it perfectly clear that if a deceased person has no surviving spouse, civil partner, children or remoter issue thereof, parents, or siblings or issue thereof, that person’s estate shall pass to the Crown, or to the Duchy of Lancaster or Cornwall if the deceased resided within their jurisdiction.

Whilst it may appear that there are rather a lot of safeguards in the system before the estate is “lost” to the Crown, the rules do mean that, without a will having been written, the decision as to who receives anything you leave will be in effect taken by statute, in accordance with a statutory “order of preference” that is cast in stone, and which takes no account of what was likely to have been your own desired order of preference.

Stories unfortunately abound of estranged partners inheriting sums of money which would undoubtedly have been left to somebody different, possibly sons or daughters, had a will been made.

Lawyers have made quite considerable sums of money contesting wills, with varying degrees of success.

The purpose of writing a will is threefold – to name your executors, to distribute your estate according to your wishes and to mitigate any inheritance tax.

There was a time when writing a will was an extremely specialist venture, requiring the not inexpensive services of a legal expert from start to finish. So often was it said, only partly in jest, that once the will had been made there was little left to leave.

That cannot be said today. With a plethora of low cost will-writing services available in most localities it really is just a question of taking some time off and answering some questions before it can be done. Although it is still important that somebody with legal knowledge and qualifications assists in the process of drawing up the will, this does not mean the cost will be prohibitive. In fact there are many different options available, particularly to people on low incomes and others who are vulnerable.

Some trade unions offer free or heavily discounted will-writing services to their members. Certain people on low incomes qualify for free advice from the Community Legal Service. Legal insurance as part of home or car insurance policies sometimes includes the provision of will-writing templates for those whose affairs are likely to be relatively uncomplicated. Alternatively there are a number of charity-based schemes offering free or low cost will-writing services, as well as numerous solicitors offering an online service at a competitive price.

Lastly there are numerous simple templates which will enable you to do the bulk of the work yourself, especially where everything is reasonably straightforward.

Low cost will-writing services are now effectively available to everybody. They are a common and easily accessible resource and one which there is no reason, provided due caution is exercised, not to take advantage of. Please see some of the will-writing websites above and find a low-cost will-writing service online today.

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