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Best Ways to Stop Cold Callers. Stop Cold Callers Forever - How Do I Stop The Cold Callers From Calling Me?

How to Stop Cold Callers

Cold calling is one of the modern day blights that accompanies the age of easy technology. Whilst computerised systems and smart telephone apparatus are intended to make our lives easier, one phenomenon that seems determined to create the opposite effect is the seemingly endless onslaught of random callers, offering us everything from compensation for accidents we’ve never had to loans we do not require and in many cases probably wouldn’t even qualify for anyway.

Living in a council-owned home or on the sixteenth floor of a tower block is no guarantee against being offered cheap double glazing, and there is still some mileage it would seem in the notion that the way for a person to get out of debt is to take out another loan. So many people find themselves at the end of their tether and wondering just how to stop cold callers.

In actual fact there are several steps that one can take which, although none of them are completely foolproof, will certainly minimise the number of junk incoming calls that one receives. The first and most obvious is to change your telephone number, and thereafter of course to be more careful than previously about how often and to whom you make it available.

Most telephone providers will do this free of charge if the reason for changing is the continuous receipt of nuisance telephone calls.

Of course not everybody is free to do this. Sometimes the number is widely known and it would not be convenient to alter it. In that instance there are other methods to try.

It is in fact illegal for any company based in the United Kingdom to telephone any individual who has indicated that they do not wish to receive calls. In order to do this it is necessary for that individual to have registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). This can be done online or by telephone. It is free of charge, and victims of cold callers should not pay third parties to do this on their behalf as it is quite simple and straightforward to do it oneself.

This does not, unfortunately, apply to callers who are based outside the UK, however it will serve to significantly reduce the number of cold calls received.

Of course the telephone is not the only medium through which victims might receive unwanted attention and intrusion, and it is often asked how to stop cold callers from knocking at your door. Many people place signs on their doors making it clear that they do not welcome sales people nor buy at the door.

There are many places from which one can obtain a sticker containing wording approved by Trading Standards, and guidance from Trading Standards suggests that to ignore a sticker making it clear that cold callers are unwelcome may in fact be a criminal offence.

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