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Where to Find Free Goodwood Festival of Speed Tickets? Getting Free Tickets for Goodwood Festival of Speed

Free Goodwood Festival of Speed Tickets

Getting free tickets to the Goodwood Festival of Speed has become harder as the years go by and the event becomes bigger and better each year. The Festival of Speed attracts huge numbers of visitors, and the event is now so large that many of the local residents choose to either stay at home all day or head off on holiday to get out of the area completely because the queues to get in and out of the surrounding areas gone on for miles and miles.

So where can you get free tickets to the Festival of Speed? Very often some of the national newspapers run offers for free tickets based on your collecting tokens and sending them into the paper in exchange for your free Goodwood FOS tickets, however it’s worth noting that your free FOS tickets will generally be for the Thursday only, which is normally the first day of the event when lots of the main attractions (especially on the hill) aren’t taking place. Those event typically start on Friday and run through to the closing day on the Sunday.

Search for free tickets to the Goodwood Festival of Speed on the likes of the main forums like moneysavingexpert – very often free FOS tickets can be obtained via those forums.

If you managed to get hold of some free tickets to Goodwood FOS then prepare to arrive early as the queues into the car parks are huge. We attended last year, arriving into the Chichester area around 7:30am and even then we queued for over 45 minutes before getting to the gates. The earlier you arrive to Goodwood FOS, the quicker you’ll get in. Other alternatives to arriving at the Goodwood Festival of Speed are mainly by air such as helicopter. Or plane. There are many helicopter shuttle services for Goodwood Festival of Speed, so if you did want to arrive by helicopter at the Goodwood FOS, simply search for helicopter shuttle Goodwood FOS, or helicopter transfers Goodwood FOS in google and see what comes up. In terms of price for a helicopter transfer into Goodwood Festival of Speed, expect to pay at least £199 per person based on several people being in the chopper.

Moving back to getting free tickets to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, we have created this community page with Facebook comments below allowing you to leave comments to websites where you know there may be the chances of securing free Goodwood FOS tickets this year so other viewers can benefit from this page. If you know where there are free tickets to Goodwood FOS this year, please share this using the below comments box.

There is normally an allocation of free tickets for FOS each year, but these do tend to go quickly once the source has been revealed. So please share the location as soon as you know so others can also benefit.

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