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Ford RS Insurance Specialists, Finding Cheap Ford RS Car Insurance, Who Does Affordable Ford RS Insurance?

Ford RS Insurance

Ford introduced its first RS (Rallye Sport) model some 42 years ago, and this specialist range has been an important feature of the car manufacturer’s sporting portfolio ever since.

Ford has never awarded the “RS” badge lightly, and its nineteen RS-designated models have all offered optimum performance as well as the very best standards in roadholding, vehicle safety and value. There have been variants in front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, and four-cylinder or six-cylinder engines, either normally aspirated or turbocharged.

The first Ford RS was the Escort RS1600, and this was the first to incorporate a 16-valve twin overhead camshaft engine. It was also the first to be assembled at the Advanced Vehicle Operation factory in Aveley, Essex. When it rolled off the production line it became the very first Ford model to be sold through an expanding network of specialist Rallye Sport dealerships. Today the Escort is one of several models with a Ford RS variant. It goes without saying that the specialist, performance car that is the Ford RS will attract specialist, performance insurance premiums.

Insurers accustomed to providing conventional cover for “ordinary” cars may not be the best equipped to provide a reasonable and accurate assessment of the Ford RS insurance value. Sometimes it will benefit the owner to seek out specialist providers, or to try to find an insurer through an owner’s club.

Nevertheless the wise car owner, having obtained any such information that might be available from these sources, will still make use of the many comparison sites that exist online. Not only are these sites becoming ever more abundant, but many of them have developed the sophistication to enable them to specialise, and to deliver specialist information.

When you are looking for a Ford RS insurance quotation, the need to do your homework cannot be overstated. Many insurance companies baulk at any mention of a sporty car, and instantly assume that the owner is irresponsible and potentially dangerous. But an insurance company that is familiar with the concept, understands a little about the Rallye Sport and about the kind of people who drive them and is able to keep a level head and a sense of perspective is likely to be forthcoming with a more realistic quote.

Realistic and sensible Ford RS insurance options are still to be found from a surprisingly wide range of providers and by shopping around the car owner will be able to make an informed choice on the basis of the information available. Compare some of the best Ford RS car insurance quotes at the above companies and Ford RS insurance comparison websites.

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