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Compare Cheap Buildings and Content Insurance Quotes Online Instantly - Cheaper Contents Insurance UK

Cheap Buildings & Content Insurance

Buildings insurance and content insurance are two separate arrangements which it may nevertheless sometimes pay to treat as one.

In effect buildings insurance covers the physical structure that you actually own, and insures you against any damage to that structure caused by floods, vandalism or graffiti, subsidence, fire or storm damage. It may include external physical structures such as sheds, garages, home extensions or outhouses but does not always, so it is wise to establish the precise terms of the agreement and if needs be to adjust them to accommodate any additions to the structural footprint of your dwelling.

Content insurance on the other hand covers items contained within your home which can be moved to another home if needs be. This could incorporate anything from furniture to curtains, from electrical goods to carpets and flooring. Some policies do not automatically include items of high value but insist that instead they be insured separately.

Generally there are two types of content insurance policy:

one insurance policy that which will replace damaged or stolen items on a new for old basis and one insurance policy that which would seek to mitigate any award through some consideration of wear and tear. Both offer similar terms of protection to buildings insurance other than for the fact that they would also cover the insured party against theft resulting from burglary.

Although they are different disciplines it will often make sense to consolidate both buildings and content insurance into one deal, offered by one provider. Apart from the potential economies of scale involved this will also enable the customer to ensure that the two aspects are synchronised and work in harmony with each other.

In a competitive market cheap buildings and content insurance can be sourced by shopping around, and by ensuring that the sum total of the two when offered by one provider is not more costly than it would be by purchasing both types of policy separately from different insurers.

Whilst value is at a premium, it is important that the small print is read and understood. As already stated the building insurance may not cover every structure that you require to be insured, whilst the content insurance may exclude especially valuable items. Decide what you need and then factor this in; cheap buildings and content insurance is not always so cheap if it needs to be added to.

Always take a holistic view of your overall buildings and contents cover and decide from all the available facts which policy, or combination of policies, works best for your particular needs.

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