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Breakdown Cover

Many drivers still do take the risk of travelling around without acquiring any form of breakdown cover. For the amount of money involved, and in consideration of what one stands to lose in the event of an unexpected breakdown (and, let’s face it, breakdowns are seldom expected), this really is madness. A simple and relatively small annual payment gives one complete peace of mind, especially when travelling over distance on a family vacation or a trip to the seaside.

Traditionally breakdown service has been the preserve of the AA (a very nice man), or the RAC or Green Flag. However breakdown cover is available over a much wider field, offered both by those companies who actually perform the recovery service at the sharp end and by those who sometimes act as brokers between them and the client. As the market has become more competitive so those offering breakdown cover have become more imaginative in their efforts to offer the customer something a little bit out of the ordinary. Most providers have become more flexible, sometimes enabling the client to negotiate deals that are not always those listed in the book or stated at the time of enquiry.

At times a polite suggestion that a better deal is being offered elsewhere can be enough to induce a revised offer in a surprisingly short time. As with any form of insurance price is always a major determining factor, but it is far from being the only one. Whether or not a company offers national cover is a major concern; there is little point in using a policy that is restricted to, say, the south of England if one travels to the north, to Scotland or to Wales. Only if a driver never or seldom ventures outside the area covered does limited cover become an attractive option.

Some of the smaller providers of breakdown cover require payment to be made for recovery services up front, which are then reimbursed to the customer. Typically such reimbursement is prompt and without any hidden qualification, nevertheless such a policy does necessitate the client having the means to make what are sometimes very substantial payments at the time the breakdown occurs.

Once nice little twist that has found common currency in the breakdown cover market is the concept of the no claims bonus. Taken for granted as part of the car insurance mechanism, there is a definite logic in offering more generous terms to those who prove less likely to make claims against their cover. Many providers include a no claims bonus in their breakdown cover policy. Compare breakdown cover at the above websites and find your cheapest breakdown cover instantly.

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