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Finding the Best No Win No Fee Solicitor - Compare No Win No Fee Solicitors Online - Reputable No Win No Fee.

Best No Win No Fee Solicitor

Litigation as anybody knows is a minefield, and for so many the prospect of having to pay cricket score costs in the event of a claim failing, even on a legal technicality, is enough to deter all but the most unflappable.

Thus the market for solicitors offering their services on a No Win No Fee basis is quite unsurprisingly substantial. The No Win No Fee solicitor will assess your case and, if considered viable, will take it up on your behalf on the understanding that if your claim is not successful there will be no cost to yourself resulting from the claim. If you win your legal fees will in almost all cases be paid by the other party, whilst if you lose the other party will be paid from the insurance that you take out with your claim.

The No Win No Fee arrangement was first used in the United Kingdom in 1995 under solicitors’ CFAs (Conditional Fee Agreements) as a means of assisting people with accident claims that did not qualify for Legal Aid. After Legal Aid was abolished for personal injury claims in 2000 the large majority of claims of this nature were pursued under CFAs.

As with any service however, particularly when one is dealing with law, it is always advisable to read the small print. The terms under which one enters into a No Win No Fee agreement are not always identical from one company to the next.

For instance, some solicitors will ask for an up front payment even when offering a service under a CFA. This can be legally justified if it is included under the terms of the agreement, and will be usually be sold as an insurance payment.

Others will offer a genuine No Win No Fee service but one which claws back a significant slice of any award made to the client by the court, in spite of the fact that the solicitor’s actual legal costs can almost always be claimed from the defendant.

Another important factor to consider when looking for the best No Win No Fee solicitor to take up your case is obviously what experience that solicitor has in the field in which you are asking them to become involved. It hardly needs to be said that a solicitor with first-hand experience of the type of claim that you are making will stand a much greater chance of winning your case or your behalf.

The best No Win No Fee solicitor, with a proud record of successfully representing clients in this area of litigation, is likely to advertise the fact. Find and compare leading no win no fee solicitors in the UK with the help of the above no win no fee specialist websites.

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