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Cheap Insurance for Young Drivers - The Best Insurance for Young Drivers - Cheaper Insurance for Young Drivers

Best Insurance for Young Drivers

Insuring a car – any car – for a young driver can be an extremely expensive business. It is perhaps understandable that insurance providers might be nervous about offering cover for a young person who has just passed their test, but for insurance purposes a “young” driver is anybody under the age of 25, and sometimes even 30.

There is some evidence that suggests young drivers are more likely to be involved in a car accident than those who are older. Nevertheless the disparity between insurance premiums for under-25s and those for more mature motorists can sometimes be quite staggering.

A short while ago it was reported by a national newspaper that a young man had been quoted £24,000 to insure his twelve-year-old Volvo for a year. But even this was surpassed by a 17-year-old who was told it would cost him £32,000 to insure his £3,000 Vauxhall Corsa hatchback. In fact the best quote he could find was £6,000.

Even the average price for car insurance for a 17-22 year old driver is £2,800 – a price that is very often so much it prevents the young person from driving a car altogether.

This mindset, which if anything is becoming more prevalent amongst certain insurers, tends to have the effect of pricing younger drivers off the road entirely. Which in many cases is the intention, as providers seek to restrict their business to low-risk groups from whom they can source an easy annual premium without there being much prospect of them having to pay out.

In spite of all this there are ways and means through which to minimise payments, and to insure that the best insurance for young drivers is available to you. In other words to ensure that at the very least you get the best of a bad deal.

The first is to be aware of the criteria that insurance companies use to assess your supposed risk factor as a young driver. For instance consideration is given when processing your application to the type of job that you do. Although you should always be honest and not give false information – which as well as being illegal would invalidate your policy if discovered – there are different ways of legitimately describing the same occupation which could have a bearing on the amount that you are quoted. There is information available on the Internet which is helpful in understanding what insurers tend to look for in this field.

Another way of ensuring you receive the best insurance for young drivers is through a “Pay How You Drive” policy. This involves a “smart box” being fitted into the young driver’s car which measures acceleration, braking and taking corners. Usually reviewed every 90 days, young people who can demonstrate that they drive responsibly will find their cost of their policies being reduced to a reasonable level very quickly.

If you are looking for the best young person's car insurance policy, try getting car insurance quotes for young people via some of the above car insurance comparison websites and hopefully you will be able to find an affordable insurance quote for young drivers.

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