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Accident Compensation - How Much Can I Get Compensated for an Accident that Was Not My Fault?

Accident Compensation

Nobody can predict if or when they will have an accident, it is by nature the most arbitrary and unforeseen of events. A momentary lapse of concentration such as any of us can have, or a freak event caused by others or by circumstances completely beyond one’s own control, can radically alter the course of a person’s life. Loss of mobility, or of the use of a limb, whether permanently or temporarily, may impact drastically upon your ability to work, to look after your family, indeed to do any of the things that hitherto may have been taken entirely for granted.

Monetary compensation cannot, and is not intended to, make everything all right. But it can help negate the difficulties caused by the circumstances in which the victim has suddenly, and without warning, found himself or herself.

When a person suffers an accident through no fault of their own, accident compensation will often be payable. Such an accident could include a slip or a trip, a head injury, a road traffic incident or an accident at work that was sustained either at the hands of somebody else or as a consequence of correct procedures not having been followed or

the right safeguards not being in place. Of course, having suffered the trauma of an accident the last thing anybody needs is the worrying thought of having to enter into complex litigation, especially when it is unfamiliar territory. What the victim needs is quick, simple, sound advice and the reassurance that comes with the knowledge that there will not be a bill at the end of the process following an unsuccessful claim.

Many solicitors these days offer their services on a No Win No Fee basis. They will ask you for the facts of the case, make a few enquiries and then decide whether they feel the claim has a realistic chance of success. If it has they will take it on, taking a fee only if the claim is successful (in most cases they will be able to claim this from the other party). Thereby the victim of the accident has the reassurance of knowing not only that all the hard work of preparing the case is being attended to by an expert, but also that there will be no nasty surprises at the conclusion.

Quite often the claim will not reach court, with both parties agreeing amicably upon a reasonable settlement during interim negotiations.

Accident compensation is an entitlement, a means of offsetting the unavoidable hardship of becoming incapacitated or unfit for work. Neither you nor your loved ones should suffer as a consequence of somebody else’s neglect. Compare accident compensation specialists using the websites above.

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