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Superbike Finance

The technical definition of a superbike is a motorcycle that is derived from a standard production model, with the same outward appearance from all angles and with the frame unchanged. Some elements however may be modified, including the brakes, suspensions, swingarm, and the size and diameter of the wheels.

Additionally superbikes designed for racing must have four-stroke engines of between 750-1000cc for four cylinder machines, or between 850-1200cc for twins.

The first superbike to have been built was designed by two brothers, Ralph and Ross Hannon, and launched towards the end of the 1970s. It was first ridden successfully in Australia by New Zealander Graham Crosby.

A more relaxed definition of a superbike might simply be any road-legal fast motorbike, such as the Yamaha R1 or the Ducati.

Whilst superbikes may not command the kind of prices that would be the case with a supercar, they are nevertheless possessions to be prized and cherished.

They are special within their genre and vendors specialising in more commonly sought motorcycles may not be the best equipped to provide the kind of finance package that would best suit the needs and requirements of the superbike owner.

Due to a combination of low interest rates and the value of the sale itself, many superbike manufacturers are launching their own superbike finance schemes at low or even 0% interest, with affordable deposits and options to repay over two to four years. Such an offer was made by Suzuki on its GSX-R750 model, and by Kawasaki on its Ninja ZX-10R. Although these particular offers have now expired there are always other attractive and competitive options available in the sphere of superbike finance.

When paying the kind of money that the purchase of a good new superbike requires, one would usually expect to pay a deposit of some kind. Whilst the rationale of a loan agreement could be said to be that we take ownership now and pay at a later stage. Paying a larger deposit on a superbike will mean smaller or fewer repayments and may also increase one’s options for a low or even a no interest deal.

Because they are a specialist line (and at a specialist cost) suppliers and dealers are particularly keen to sell superbikes, which can mean more imaginative and appealing superbike finance packages are available than might be the case with more standard models. If what you see at the first instance is not something you are entirely happy with then it always pays to shop around, both for time-limited offers and of course for the most competitive rates.

Compare superbike finance quotes online today at the above websites.

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