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Business Loans & Commercial Loans
As a business, cashflow is extremely important and can often make the difference between your company performing at the top of its game, or falling behind your competition. Business loans are becoming easier to secure again as the banks begin to loosen their underwriting criteria slightly and are now more actively looking to lend money to small businesses and large business alike to assist with their growth plans.

If you are currently looking for a business loan, it is worth shopping around and getting business loan quotes from several providers. Many people think the only place one can secure a business loan from it the bank they have their accounts set up with for their business, but quite often you will find cheaper business loans on offer by specialist commercial finance companies whose task it is to secure you the cheapest possible business loan for your requirements.

Cheap business loans generally require some form of security but this often depends on the strength of the company’s balance sheet – if your business has been trading for many years and has consistently posted strong profits then you may find that you do not need to give any security, which is normally in the form of a Directors Guarantee.

If your company falls under this bracket it is worthwhile shopping around for a good credit business loan provider who does not require security. Ultimately, why offer security if you do not need to?

If your company is a new start business, or perhaps has not yet posted 3 years of full accounts at Companies House, or maybe has been trading some time but not yet posted a profit, then you will most probably find that without offering security you will not get accepted for a business loan, especially in the current financial climate. If your company fits into this bracket you should still shop around for your cheapest business loan, mainly because if your business is a poor credit risk the pricing of the credit can vary dramatically, and through accepting the first offer you could end up paying a great deal more in interest than if you had shopped around the bad credit business loan providers to gauge all of their pricing and offerings.

Bad credit business loans, whilst more difficult to secure, are still available out there. You simply need to know where to look. If you cannot find any suitable business loan providers for your circumstance, perhaps try speaking with one of the main business loan companies to see if they have a new start business loan department or a bad credit business loan department, or worst case if they could recommend a company to you.

Don’t rule out your bank either quite yet. You should include them in your discussions and ask for their best business loan quote. You may be pleasantly surprised! Check out the cheap business loan providers listed above and request your free no-obligation business loan quote today. Generally, getting accepted for a business loan only takes 24-48 hours so you could have the cash injection your business needs sooner than you realise.

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