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How To Open a UK Bank Account as a Polish Individual or Family Living and Working in the United Kingdom

UK Bank Account For Polish People
Many UK banks now offer bank accounts for the Polish community. As part of the EU, maybe you have come to the UK to find work, and if so you will need to set up a UK bank account. As long as you have identification and proof of a permanent UK address, you should find that most banks will be happy to assist in opening a bank account for you.

If you are from Poland and want to set up a UK bank account in order to wire GBP (Great British Pounds) back to Poland and convert the money into Euros along the way, you should speak to the UK bank regarding a specialist currency exchange service, which will basically take your funds sitting in your new UK bank account in GBP currency, and convert them into EUROs at the current exchange rate, finally depositing them into your chosen bank account over in Poland.

In the past it was quite difficult for Polish and other members of the EU to open a UK bank account whilst they were living here, however times have changed and more UK banks are now offering UK bank accounts to people from Poland and other countries within the EU, providing they can prove they are permanent residents within the UK, have suitable ID and proof of their address. There may also be other paperwork required depending on the UK bank you are approaching. However if you find you are not successful, simply trying another bank should eventually work out for you. Check out some of the best bank accounts currently available in the UK to your left, many also allow you to apply online for ultimate convenience.


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