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UTan Fake Tan Reviews and Info

Utan is the latest brand release from Ultimo, the company that brought you sexy lingerie. Michelle Mone was behind the new brand launching into an already crowded space full of high quality self tanning ranges from all the usual competition.

The UTan range appears to be going after the premium market and is priced similar to other premium ranges on offer at the main retailers such as St Tropez, Fake Bake, Famous Dave, and Vita Liberata. The question is, does UTan really have the quality required to compete and hold its own in the longer term in an already crowded market.

Michelle Mone is claimed to have spent £1 million on developing the Utan fake tan range, now the bloggers and general public will soon be casting their vote to see whether that was money well spent, or if Ultimo should have simply stuck to their original underwear business.

Granted, the sunless tanning industry is growing at an exceptional rate, but with this comes new brands constantly jumping on the bandwagon, we just wonder if last to the party is the first to leave?

In recent years there have been a number of fake tan brands that have entered the tanning market and enjoyed some success with the retailers, only to be discontinued following most customers continued loyalty to their favourite main fake tan brands that have been in existence for 5-10 years and already secured their loyalty. Fake tan is one of those beauty products that once you find a good one that works with your skin tones, you typically stay with that brand for a long time and will not generally be too hasty in changing over to a new brand. Why fix something that’s not broken after all?! Has UTan perhaps entered the market too late? There is always room for more brands in our opinion, but given the number of self tans already on the market, the choice is already huge, and there are already several big players that have been in the fake tan industry for a serious amount of time. Many customers value longevity and established skin care / fake tan brands over new starts, so UTan may well have its work cut out over the coming 12 months whilst it tries to find its feet in the sand.

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