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The Credit Builder Credit Cards - Ideal Credit Cards For People with Poor Credit or No Credit History on File
If you are looking for a Credit Builder credit card, then try these providers:
If you have never owned a credit card, or perhaps you have but unfortunately missed a few payments and now struggle to get new credit cards, a credit builder credit card might just be the card you need.
In order to be accepted for a credit card, you normally need to have some kind of credit file on record that the card provider will check when considering your application. This credit record is something you naturally build up over time from having bank accounts, utility bills, mobile phone contracts, and other similar things that involve you making monthly payments on time and for the correct amount. If you have been a bad payer, for example paying your bills late or not at all, then this information can be logged on your credit file for lenders to see when considering whether or not to offer you further credit. Likewise, if you have been paying everything on time, this information is also available for the lenders to view during their acceptance process. If you fall in the first category you may have trouble getting accepted for a new credit card because the lenders may be concerned about your ability to repay your debts, that said there are now providers suchs as those to your left that may accept your application to assist you in rebuilding your credit history. These providers are also very useful if you haven't previously had any credit and would like to build up your credit history, which will allow you to slowly move onto better credit card offers in the future.
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