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The Best Pension Annuities Comparison Site - Find a Pension Annuities Comparison Site Online in the UK

The Benefits of Using a Pension Annuities Comparison Site

Choosing a pension annuity plan is not much like choosing a pair of shoes. After all if the shoes are wrong they can be taken back to the shop. Failing that you can, at the very least, put them to one side and purchase another pair.

An annuity plan is for life, and failure to identify and to select the correct one for your needs will result in you having to pay more than you need to for the remainder of your days.

A pension annuity rate is in effect the rate an insurance company will pay you in return for your pension fund. It is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the lump sum that you paid in to begin with. In other words the annuity rate is an annual percentage repayment figure which will be determined by how many years the provider anticipates that you will live.

This means that an investor who is in poor health and who is expected to live only for a short time can expect to receive an enhanced annuity rate, whereas a person who is in good health and who is expected to live for a considerably longer time will receive a reduced rate.

Because of their longer life expectancy women generally receive a less generous rate than men, and the tendency of people these days to live longer has also brought negative pressure upon annuity rates.

Because they do not always use the same assessment criteria pension annuity rates will usually differ from one another depending upon which provider you decide to use. Some for example offer different rates according to the area in which an applicant lives, his or her occupation prior to retirement, and general health, as well as taking account of whether or not the applicant is a smoker or has any other lifestyle preferences that may impact upon longevity.

This is why it is always a good idea to use a pension annuities comparison site in order for you to be able to select a provider, or at least to create a shortlist of companies which can then be contacted with a view to considering the individual terms contained in their small print as well as the actual rates themselves.

Most pension annuities do not pay out a huge amount with each increment and even this is generally decreasing, thus a difference of ten or twenty pounds each month could make a very real difference to the recipient’s quality of life after retirement. Check out the best pension annuities comparison site selection using the above companies today.

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