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Online Savings Account Comparison - Best Online Savings Account Comparison Sites in the UK

Using Online Savings Account Comparison Sites to Save Money

When we are in the process of sourcing an online savings account our heads will inevitably be turned by the various incentives that providers will lead on to persuade us to deposit our funds with them. It goes without saying that we want the most attractive APR (Annual Percentage Rate) available. Whilst established providers are unlikely to differ a great deal in what they offer, even a very small percentage differential in the APR can actually make a significant difference when considered over the long term, year on year.

There are also often various other incentives (or indeed disincentives) to open an account with a particular provider as opposed to any other. Is there a fee to open an account or, for that matter, a financial or other inducement on offer? Some banks will actually place money into your account when you sign up with them, subject of course to some conditions which are necessary to discourage freeloaders from taking advantage without intending to maintain the account.

How easy is it to get your money out again should your circumstances change and you suddenly need access to your funds?

Quite often we will open account to take advantage of what seems at the time to be the best deal around, only to find that in the fullness of time the appeal has waned by comparison with other options that have since become available to us. The thought of going through the process of opening a new account elsewhere and transferring our savings across is often enough in itself to deter us, but in actual fact it is so much easier to do than we might imagine. When considering signing up with a new provider ask that provider to help with the practical arrangements. Usually they will be only too happy to help if it means securing your business.

These days most people have either switched or are considering switching to online banking, an obvious benefit when considering the option of having to travel to the high street and stand in a long queue. So a big decider will be the kind of online banking facilities offers by comparison with that which you already have.

Plus the availability of an interest bonus will be an important determining factor. After all the more funds that are made available to your account, the greater the relative benefit from any percentage increase in your balance.

A good online savings account comparison site will give you all the information you require in order to be able to make an informed choice. Start your online savings account comparisons with the sites above.

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