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How Getting a Free Annuity Quote Could Maximise Your Potential

The enduring characteristic of an annuity is that it becomes more generous the fewer years the annuity holder is expected to survive. Thus an annuitant who is in poor health, a smoker, obese or suffering from a potentially life-threatening condition can reasonably expect a higher return than another who is in good physical shape and has no known ailments.

Although few of us aspire to ill health most of us suffer some aches and pains along the way and a great many of us are diagnosed with maladies that could, under certain circumstances, affect our long-term quality of life or even, at their most extreme, our life expectancy. By way of an example there are already an estimated 2.8 million diabetics in the United Kingdom alone as well as up to one million more who are unaware that they have the condition, and this number is growing rapidly.

Because of the number of factors that go into the mix when one’s own annuity rate is being calculated it is close to impossible for us to be able to work out for ourselves where exactly we sit on the scale.

Different providers will place greater relative emphasis on different information to others. All we are realistically able to do is to feed the data into the machine and see what emerges in the out tray.

It is for this reason that a comparison site is an invaluable tool in helping a potential annuitant to access and compare all the available information with a view to locating the best deal.

What the comparison site cannot do however is second guess an applicant’s own priorities, or what relative importance he or she may place on each separate strand of information. The raw data is generated by the site, the ultimate decision needs always to be taken by a human being.

The most effective way to do this is to use the comparison site as a means of drawing up a shortlist, and then probing those providers who make that list to see which offers the most in terms of realising the applicant’s priorities.

This means resorting to the old-fashioned tried and trusted method of contacting service providers for a firm quote, which may be retained. There is no cost or obligation involved from doing this, and acquiring a free annuity quote could make the world of difference in respect of the amount received from the plan at the end of each month.

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