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Bargain Designer Clothes

Designer clothing has at times been the subject of some cynicism due to what is perceived as its high cost for merchandise which, in spite of its designer status, is often mass produced and sometimes not of noticeably superior quality to some items of apparel that is produced by non-designer brands.

However such mockery often betrays a basic lack of understanding of what designer clothing actually is. The idea behind designer clothing is not that is created or manufactured by a recognised fashion designer, but merely that it has the approval of such a person by means of a licensing agreement with a mass marketing manufacturer which gives the designer a percentage of the profit but, more importantly for the customer, provides some reassurance as to the quality of the merchandise. A respected designer would not, after all, allow itself to be associated with a sub-standard product which would reflect badly upon itself. The benefit for the manufacturer is that the provision of such reassurance allows the merchandise to be sold at a higher price than would otherwise have been the case, thus delivering a bigger mark-up. This is why designer clothing has a reputation for being pricey.

But with the ever increasing availability of designer clothing it has always been inevitable that the market would eventually level out and that branded items, including good seconds, would begin to become available at a lower cost. It is not by any means impossible to find bargain designer clothes, especially with the growing popularity of the online shop.

Individuals, and retailers, sell used or surplus stock for all kinds of reasons. The beauty of picking up bargain designer clothes is of course that the prime benefit of acquiring top branded goods (quality) is achieved whilst the prime drawback (price) is not an issue.

Technology comes to our aid when trying to source some good deals and a particularly excellent tool for locating real quality bargain designer clothes on eBay for just 99p per item can be found at Here literally thousands of items carrying the names of some sixty designers are available at an absolute giveaway.

The clamour for designer brands began as long ago as the late 1970s and the fact that their appeal has withstood the test of time is ample testimony to the fact that they offer their purchasers the reassurance that comes along with their branded seal of quality.

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