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Compare Pre-Paid Credit Cards - Which is the Best Pre-Paid Credit Card? Pre-Paid Credit Card Comparisons

Compare Pre-Paid Credit Cards

A pre-paid card has been described as “a credit card without the credit”, which on the surface of it may seem to be something of a contradiction in terms.

However when one considers the many advantages of possessing a credit card, and sees those advantages manifested also in the pre-paid card, the comparison becomes not only obvious but a logical one to make.

The pre-paid card works fairly much on the same principle as a pre-paid mobile telephone or an Oyster card. First you top it up from your own funds and then you may use it to make purchases at the shops, online or over the telephone.

Because it doesn’t actually involve issuing you with credit, there is no need for any credit checks to take place. Even if you have had difficulties with money and credit in the past you should be accepted for a pre-paid card, and it is even available to under-eighteens.

There are any advantages to carrying a pre-paid credit card as opposed to cash. The first is quite obviously one of convenience.

Carrying large sums of cash around on one’s person can be risky. We may lose the money or, worse, it could be stolen. With a pre-paid card a simple telephone call to the provider will freeze the facility and protect your funds.

Using a card also creates a paper trail. A written statement of all your transactions enables you to organise your spending more efficiently, as well as providing evidence of purchase in the event of any future query.

Another big advantage with using a card, of course, is its sheer flexibility. Not called “your flexible friend” for nothing, in a society that is moving rapidly away from cash transactions having the means to undertake business online or over the telephone gives one so many more options than hard currency in the pocket would permit.

Always compare pre-paid credit cards before deciding

There is another reason, of course, for availing oneself specifically of a pre-paid card, and that is as a useful means of repairing one’s credit rating. Many of us encounter misfortune from time to time, and when we cannot pay our bills on time as the demands come in we can sometimes find ourselves with a bad name. Before we know it we cannot obtain credit and hire purchase and other such facilities that we previously took for granted are no longer available to us. When this happens the responsible management of a pre-paid card will over time restore our reputation and our creditworthiness.

There are many different cards available and generally they will offer a range of terms. Not just differences in APR but also such things as no-fee offers when one opens an account, and sundry cashback inducements. What terms we find attractive will often depend upon our own circumstances and priorities. Compare the leading pre-paid credit card deals above and find your best pre-paid credit card deal today.

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