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Compare Payday Loans

Because a payday loan is by definition usually a very short term arrangement, one fully expects when negotiating such a facility that repayments will be proportionately a good deal higher than would be the case with a conventional loan agreement involving repayment over a period of several months or even years.

The payday loan lender is, after all, taking a similar risk in respect of the fact that the borrower may act in bad faith without intention to repay. Without including a mark-up within the arrangement that makes the risk involved worth taking there is no incentive for the provider to lend the money out. People borrowing over the short term with a view to repaying the full amount over a period of a few days or weeks understand and accept this. Nonetheless there can be a substantial difference in the amount interest charged by different lenders, and paying a higher amount than one needs to has the potential to eat a substantial hole into one’s pay cheque.

There is, with a payday loan, a significant amount of administration involved irrespective of the short duration of the agreement, and the costs of this will be incorporated into the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that is attached to the loan.

Add to this the aforementioned risk factor and the quoted APR will undeniably be hefty by comparison with a longer-term loan.

In spite of this the actual amount repaid on top of the payday loan itself is likely to be small and manageable. Nonetheless with APRs often in three figures it is always a good idea to compare payday loans to try to identify the best and cheapest deal. This can be particularly important if there is any possibility that one might wish to extend the loan, as interest upon interest can mount up very quickly when the APR is itself high.

There are of course other factors involved when trying to compare payday loans in order to ascertain which provider offers the most attractive deal, and the one that best suits your own individual circumstances. One of those is likely to be the ease with which a loan may be granted with the minimum of fuss and bureaucracy involved.

The idea of having to produce reams of documents and multiple forms signed in triplicate does not usually appeal to borrowers who are already busy with their work. Thus when we decide to compare payday loans we will wish to consider convenience alongside cost before we come to make our decision. Find and compare a range of payday loans using websites such as those listed above.

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