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Find the Cheapest Business Gas - Compare Business Gas Tariffs, Get a Better Deal on Your Business Gas

Business Gas - Compare Tariffs

Like domestic customers, businesses enter into a contract with energy suppliers and can switch providers whenever they are free to do so. The amount of competition that exists these days means that most will be able to make savings as a consequence of switching.

Indeed it is typical for a business customer to save something in the region of 30% when switching from one gas supplier to another.

However, before a switch can be made many suppliers insist upon written notice of termination, in some cases of up to ninety days. Most businesses do not receive renewal notices before their contracts are automatically renewed, and thus it is incumbent upon them to be aware of when they are free to renegotiate or to relocate with another supplier. Notwithstanding the difficulties that are clearly thrown into their way, it is estimated that around one in three businesses are free to switch supplier without further ado at any given time.

More so than domestic customers, business gas customers will generally not have very much time available to be comparing prices between suppliers,

which can and frequently do change in any case – sometimes as often as on a day to day basis. Thus they may elect to take on the services of an adviser who will keep track of all developments within the industry and notify the client accordingly.

Such advice, insight and attention to detail can be invaluable. For instance many business gas customers do not realise that they can sign a new contract with a new supplier up to four months prior to the expiry of the old contract. This can be beneficial if prices are on a downward trend when one is still committed to the final few months of an existing contract.

One way of protecting one’s business against price fluctuations is to take out a fixed-term contract as the time of purchase. The down side of doing so is of course that any decrease in the price of business gas will not bring any associated benefits, however one does at least have the peace of mind of knowing that, for the duration of the contract at least, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

In the main business gas customers have considerably more clout and flexibility than an individual consumer will have. Energy companies are actually concerned about retaining your business and will go out of their way to provide a service that you will wish to stick with.

Comparison sites should be used to their fullest potential, whether by yourself or your agent, to determine what is likely to be the best and most suitable package for your particular business. Compare the cheapest business gas tariffs at the above websites and start saving money on your business gas today.

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