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Getting the Best out of Student Discount Websites

Anyone who has been a student will know how it is, having to live on a tight budget. Bearing the constant worry of how to get by from one day to the next is hardly conducive to the relaxed and concentrated state of mind that is really needed to get the best from our studies.

Fortunately having an NUS (National Union of Students) card can be the key to a whole host of discounts, special offers and in some cases even freebies. The trick is to know where to look, and to be resourceful in a way that takes maximum advantage of everything that is there on offer and what may be of good practical use.

Being at university or college of course, although a serious business, should not all be about hard work and no play. The young need to enjoy their youth, and the occasional visit to the cinema or to a sporting event helps to create the right frame of mind for a person adapting to life outside of the parental environment. At least two major cinema chains offer a special student price ticket. Of course students, like everybody else, have the day to day expenses of living to contend with such as buying clothes and even of course just eating.

Some clothes shops and suppliers offer discounts, one even has a “buy one, get one free” deal specifically to help the cash strapped student to get kitted out without being priced out. At the same time the burden of having to pay to eat out is eased by the knowledge that a free hamburger can be claimed with every meal at the local fast food joint, or that when visiting a classy Italian eatery in town a generous 20% discount is available.

Books, and these days also computer equipment, will always be in demand amongst the student fraternity, and these can be obtained online at a discount just by keying in your student ID when making a purchase. Plus of course there is the cost of travel, including back to the folks for weekends or for holidays. A 25% discount on major coach routes helps one along just nicely.

But as the saying goes if you ain’t in it you can’t win it, and knowing where to find student discount websites is an obvious essential prerequisite to being able to take advantage of them. There is a whole lot out there to help the struggling student to help ends meet, one just needs to look for it.

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