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With petrol prices constantly pushing new all-time highs it makes perfect sense shopping around to find out which petrol station in your local area is offering you the cheapest unleaded petrol and diesel prices. But why spend time driving around using your petrol when you can instead do a quick and easy free search using the interactive UK Petrol Price Finder map below. Just enter your location and it will pinpoint all your most local petrol stations with flags, then simply click on the flag to show the fuel prices at that petrol station.
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Where is the Future of Petrol and Diesel Heading? discusses...

Petrol and oil supplies look like they will inevitably run out at some point in the future, so we may as well get used to the high prices and look more towards trying to switch to alternative lower-consuming vehicles. This is already happening in the United Kingdom with more and more people switching to Diesel cars, and the overall fuel efficiency of cars is increasing. In the USA where fuel is far cheaper, it is still however not uncommon to find cars that have a fuel efficiency of 15-20MPG.

Petrol cost has a big knock on effect on overall pricing, from food to holidays, so is a very important issue. In particular the price of diesel affects the cost of the majority of our goods in the UK as we tend to transport most things by lorry. Until there is a better train service for goods then increasing diesel prices are going to push up inflation and therefore affect everyone living in the UK.

Lots of people in towns make unnecessary short journeys by car and could drive less, but in rural locations you often can't do anything without a car, from visiting a doctor to finding a job It's unfortunate that prices are therefore often higher in the countryside than in cities where the choice of petrol stations is far less. Motorway prices are also extremely high which means that some people may make detours to fill up, thus putting more CO2 into the atmosphere. Forcing people to detour to find more economic fuel doesn't benefit the driver, the environment, or traffic levels.

Tax is a big part of the UK fuel costs, other countries have very different systems to ours. Some even provide subsidies. We should be ensuring that fuel tax doesn't make us uncompetitive globally. It seems rather inefficient to have two tax systems on cars - the fuel duty and also the car tax disc. Both are billed as being environmentally friendly by penalising cars that are inefficient, however why have the administration costs for two systems? Scrapping the car tax system and instead increasing fuel duty by a small amount would result in similar tax revenue for the government, but would reduce the amount that is wasted on overheads and may then better target inefficient cars and drivers. Payment of fuel duty is also much harder to avoid than paying for your tax disc, so it would reduce the amount of tax fraud and mean that the UK's honest citizens are not subsidising the small percentage of car tax dodgers that are out there.

In future perhaps the UK will see more usage-based taxes taking advantage of new technologies, such as number plate recognition for congestion charging or using GPS/tracking systems. Some insurance companies are already using GPS tracking to adjust premiums depending on how and where you drive. This has the potential to allow for fairer taxes, penalising those that make short journeys on congested routes, whilst allowing those who live in the countryside or in areas with poor public transport, lower fuel tax to get to work.
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