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Platinum Credit Card Deals - Compare Leading Platinum Credit Cards - Platinum Card Provider Offers
If you are looking for a leading platinum credit card, try these providers:
Platinum credit cards are an ideal upgrade for many good credit customers. Your stronger credit rating gives you access to a platinum level of credit card that often has better perks and a lower APR.
Platinum credit cards are not just about status, they are credit cards that usually offer a range of benefits given they are normally only available to very good credit customers who the lender perceives to be a very low risk. The benefits of a Platinum card are wide and varied - you can expect higher credit limits, lower APRs or incentives to transfer existing balances away from other credit cards and onto your new platinum card, some platinum card providers include free upgrades, travel insurance and more, depending on the provider you choose. Many platinum card providers are banks, and as such they will often only make platinum credit cards available to their existing good credit customers who already bank with them. This is because they already then have a lot of useful credit information held about their customer from their banking activities, and can therefore establish trends and whether they feel the customer is suitable enough to be accepted for a platinum card. A platinum credit card is one of the higher ranking credit cards out there, the only others above this generally start to have monthly or annual fees attached to them, such as the Amex Black Card.
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