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Compare The Best National Savings Accounts - National Savings and Investments Comparisons Online
Compare National Savings and Investments Online
National savings and investments available to compare

Are you checking what deal you're actually getting from your national savings account lately? There are now more banks, high interest savings accounts and building societies in the UK than ever before - which is great news for the saver in you! Why settle for the same interest levels your savings account has been giving you for the last 3 - 5 years? There's so much more available to you now such as interest bonuses for leaving money in your savings account for 12 months, or just for simply opening a savings account and depositing a minimum amount. Let Honest Johnny bring you the best deals on the highstreet - and online - direct for you to compare at your own pace. You can compare leading bank accounts, savings accounts, ISAs, and more, in a matter of minutes. Start comparing right now by seeing what's available from the leading banks and building societies in our bank account comparison area. Compare and apply in your own time.

Our savings comparison service is fast and free and involves no credit checks or obligation to buy. Honest Johnny lets you search for the most popular deals currently available in the banking industry. Everything from bank account comparisons, high interest savings accounts, bonds and ISA's are on offer for comparison purposes. Once you have seen a deal you like, you can then apply directly with the provider through Honest Johnny and secure yourself a better deal. You can also compare online banking facilities and leading savers accounts through Honest Johnny - start comparing right now.

Savings comparisons have never been so easy! Why settle for your existing deal when you could save £££ by simply moving to better savings facilities? Honest Johnny makes it easy for you and helps you compare the best national savings accounts online in seconds. View the facilities on offer to you and click on your chosen provider for further details and application instructions. Finally - a fast, free and totally effective way of ensuring you can keep up to date with the best savers accounts, best online banking facilities, ISA's, Bonds, and more! Be sure to check back regularly to view any new deals added by our comparison providers.

Savers and Banking Spotlight - Bank Accounts: Choose The One That Best Suits Your Lifestyle

Although bank accounts and savings accounts tend to be treated as a collective, UK bank accounts are certainly not all the same. The benefits available to account holders can vary considerably dependant upon their choice of financial institution and current account product. Some banks and building societies offer no-fee banking, others for a small monthly fee offer a variety of benefits such as travel insurance, roadside recovery and mobile phone insurance. In addition, other financial institutions charge their customers for maintaining an account without offering any incentives.

There are many reasons for having a suitable bank account set up. Employers no longer wish to pay salaries in cash but rather transfer it straight to an employee’s bank account via BACS (Bankers’ Automated Clearing System). Such methods prove far more secure for the employer, whilst the employee also benefits by receiving cleared funds in their bank account on payday. What's more, many utility companies such as water, gas, and electricity offer discounts for paying bills via direct debit from a current account, therefore having such an account in place can provide more benefits to the account holder.

The standard current account offered by the majority of the UK’s banks and building societies involves the issue of a cheque book and a cash card, which also doubles as a cheque guarantee card. However, the use of cheques is fast becoming obsolete, as most major high street retailers no longer accept them as valid payment for goods. However, the cash card is a good substitute as the majority issued by UK banks can be used to make debit payments and also withdraw cash from a wide range of ATMs throughout the world.

Debit payments can be made in shops or online, whilst banks now offer an additional secure online authorisation process to ensure that a third party doesn’t use another individual's card fraudulently on the web. Added value bank accounts offer benefits that can be offered to the account holder for a monthly fee. Benefits offered for such premium bank accounts include identity theft protection, worldwide travel insurance and breakdown cover. Many premium accounts also offer interest on positive balances and it is now also possible to take advantage of online banking services offered by many of the main high-street banks, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some accounts have qualifying criteria such as a minimum monthly sum deposited, or a minimum annual salary earned by the applicant, but whatever you require from a bank account there is one out there for you.Honest Johnny brgins you a wide variety of bank accounts to review in our easy to use bank account comparison tables, click here and we'll display a list of the curent best bank accounts available to you in the UK. From our banking and savings comparison tables you will see the benefits and offers available and apply online for your best bank account and savings accounts with total ease.



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