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Safe Credit Card Use, Stolen Credit Cards, Replacement Credit Cards, Reduce Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Guide

Safe Practices & How to Reduce The Chance of Fraud

Pin Numbers
Always ensure that you never reveal your pin number to anyone, doing so could cost you dearly. Try to make sure you have a different pin number for each card, by using just one pin number for all your cards - whilst perhap easier to remember - could mean that a stolen wallet and the correct pin could unlock all of your accounts to the fraudster. Shield your pin even when putting it into a machine, there have been cases in the past where fraudsters using pin-hole cameras on cashpoints record your pin number on video to use after stealing your card details using a skimming device installed into the machine itself. Always change the pin number given to you originally by your bank and ensure you destroy or shred the paper it came on.

Expired Credit Cards
Most shredders are unable to destroy credit cards so it is recommended that you destroy the credit card by cutting it up into little pieces, also ensure that you don't put all the pieces into one bin.

Credit Card Statements
The safest thing to do with all unneeded financial information is to shred it, making sure you use a cross-shredder. The same should be done with all receipts that are not needed. Where you don't have access to a shredder, simply screw the paper up into a ball a soak it with water under a tap for around 10 seconds. Hold it tight in your hand whilst it all merges together and dries slightly. You should then find that the information contained within it is not readable as the paper falls apart when you try to open it out again.

Other Personal Information
It goes without saying that you should not simply throw away personal details in the bin, it should all be shredded. This prevents fraudsters from going through your rubbish and extracting useful personal information that will allow them to clone your identity and start spending your money without you even knowing about it until the debt-collector letters start arriving through your door.

Lost or Stolen Cards
You should report lost or stolen cards immediately to reduce the chance of them being used without your consent. There are now various bank accounts that cover all your cards and let you cancel them all with just one single phonecall. Very useful in emergencies.

Joint Cards
Responsibility is viewed differently with various banks but the common view is that the primary user is responsible for it's correct use, so should the second holder mis-use the card the primary cardholder may still be responsible. Always worth checking as this scenario could prove costly if the secondary cardholder has their card stolen and used.

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