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Lease Rental and Business Finance Quotes
Lease Rental Quotes
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Lease Rental Business Equipment Quotes
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Lease Rental
Lease Rental is a form of finance facility offered by finance providers to business customers looking to acquire equipment for their business on finance rather than purchasing the equipment outright. Lease rental is very popular amongst businesses as it offers 100% tax relief on each of the rentals paid. Depending on what bracket corporation tax your business falls into, this in real terms can equate to a worthwhile overall percentage relief on the actual lease rentals themselves. Typical equipment businesses use lease rental for include catering equipment, telecoms equipment, IT equipment, vehicle tracking equipment, medical equipment and laptops to name only a few. Lease Rental allows a business to budget a monthly cost for their equipment, being a fixed cost product the monthly lease rentals typically do not change and are fixed payments throughout the duration of the lease itself. Being a Lease Rental, the business doesn't own the equipment as it is renting the equipment from the finance house who has paid the supplier and bought the title to the equipment.

With most lease rentals it is the responsibility of the equipment supplier to offer warranty and back-up for the product, leaving the finance house to act purely as the financier of the equipment itself. Lease rentals also allow a business to keep other lines of finance free, such as commercial loans, overdrafts, etc from the bank to use at a later date if needed. Lease renting equipment is typically underwritten on the strength of a company's balance sheet. The underwriters normally look for three to four times cover based on the net worth or shareholders funds of the busines requiring funding, other factors the underwriters consider will be the length of time the business has been trading, previous and current credit history, and the general performance of the business itself.

Where a business may be a new start, the underwriters will often also look for security in the form of a Directors Guarantee, this is typically based on the directors being homeowners and having adequate equity in their personal or business properties to back the guarantee. Lease rental has become one of the most popular forms of finance for businesses acquiring equipment, to get a free quote please submit your details below.


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