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Considering finance options for your next business asset? We run through the benefits of asset finance as well as looking at the additional considerations that should be made in order to make the most appropriate financial decision for your business.

A business is made up of many different assets. Some businesses are asset rich, and need to be in order to best serve their customers, others have very few assets (such as internet businesses), but in most cases almost all businesses will need a range of basic assets in order to need the needs of their customers. An asset can be classed as many things, and can include computers, printing equipment, software licenses, heavy plant and machinery, vehicles, garage equipment, office furniture, storage, and so on, basically anything physical that can be used towards the daily running of the business.

Paying for assets outright with cash can often place a strain on the working capital of a business. It can also reduce the future opportunities for the business due to a lack of available funds at their disposal at short notice.

This is often why businesses look at Asset Finance as a viable alternative to buying assets outright, thus keeping their much needed working capital at the bank and spreading the cost of their acquisition over several years instead.

The Options available to businesses considering asset finance:

When acquiring an asset for your business, there are generally 3 options:

• Purchase outright with cash, credit card, business loan or an agreed overdraft facility
• Lease/Hire Purchase
• Lease Rental

Learn more about these types of finance agreements here



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