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Life Insurance Policy Comparisons

Life Insurance Comparisons - Term or Whole Life?

Two main types of insurance policies Term and Whole Life are available in the insurance market. Most people are confused about the difference between the two policies. Most of the buyers are unable to decide which policy is best for them. Before going in for any type of insurance you must know what you are buying and what benefit you will get from the insurance policy. You must know the differences between both the insurances. You must weigh all the options before you ink your deal for a particular insurance policy. Both policies have a different purpose and are not taxed.

Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance Comparisons - Learn about Life Insurance Schemes and which may be best for you.

People mostly go in for term life insurance because it is beneficial for temporary or short time insurance needs. This type of insurance is suitable for those people who have just been employed and do not have the desired money to set aside for insurance, and those who foresee their future insurance needs are likely to change. It also gives you the option of selecting the exact period you want yourself to be covered by the insurance.

The other advantage of term life insurance is that it has lower premium rate as compared to whole life insurance. The lower premium rate is an attraction for the insurer as to why not invest the difference in amount between term life insurance and whole life insurance in something else for better yield.

The only consideration you have to keep in mind is that term life insurance expires without any maturity and the premium increases at the time of renewal.

Whole life insurance policy provides insurance for whole life. It has a fixed premium and can be cashed in. It can be terminated any time and you can still remain insured for an adjusted amount. This type of insurance is best suited for those who have the finances and are looking for long term insurance needs. Accumulation of cash value is considered as incidental benefit and not as an investment. The true value of whole life insurance is known only at retirement when you can use it as an income rather than as insurance or when you are in need of final expenses. This is the time when you need the retirement benefits most.

Basic concept of life insurance must be understood before selecting any policy. Reason out why you want insurance. Can you do without it? Consider your age, health, present and future needs. Most term life insurance policies can be converted in to whole life insurance policy at a later date. A combination of both insurances may be the best option.

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Article Author: V. Whitsett

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