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Compare House Prices Sold

When we aspire to buy a house in any particular area, our first instinct is invariably to check out the house prices in the window of a local estate agent, or indeed to visit a website or thumb through the advertisements section of the local newspaper.

Sometimes however they can give us a false picture. The price an estate agent wants to sell us a house for is not necessarily the “real” price that we should be offering. All sorts of extracurricular factors may intervene to reduce the value of the property from the price that is being asked, or to differentiate it from the price of a similar house that may be just around the corner. Every house buyer will quite naturally wish to keep the price as low as possible, and there will essentially be two factors that could assist in this endeavour, that is the condition of the individual property and any detrimental features of its location. A property search ought to reveal the presence of a sewage farm nearby, or any plans to construct a flyover that runs through the rear garden. You can also be reasonably sure that prior to the survey that you have commissioned somebody else would have done likewise at some point in the not too distant past in respect of a similar property.

You may not have access to all the details of that search but you will know the price for which it went. It is therefore a relatively straightforward procedure to compare house prices sold in the area in order to gather a better idea yourself as to the true worth of the property that you are looking into.

Even if there is nothing noticeably wrong with the location into which you are considering moving there may be external factors that might drive prices down (or indeed up). Is there any employment to be found in the area? Is accessing essential amenities such as a doctor or a dentist especially difficult? What are the transport links like?

Are house prices low because people are moving out more quickly than others are moving in? And if so, why would that be?

It is always a good idea to use the information made available to you by Internet technology to study patterns, and to flag up potential difficulties with your new location, before committing to a move. When you are able to compare house prices sold you begin to get the full picture and are then able to make an informed decision based upon the pertinent facts. Compare house prices sold in your local area and see what you should be paying for your next house, or what your current house is worth, at the above house price websites.

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