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How to Buy a Share in a Racehorse. Buying Shares in a Racehorse - is it a Good Idea Owning a Racehorse?

Buy a Share in a Racehorse

As investments go, taking up part ownership of a racehorse is probably not the safest or the least risky option on the market. Realistically speaking those who do buy a share in a racehorse would usually do so because they have some interest in or desire towards actually being involved in the industry, with the thrill of the competition being somewhat enhanced by the prospect of making a profit if the horse performs well.

Sometimes a person will be persuaded to invest by a friend or a contact who has some special knowledge of the horse. Such a contact will have a personal insight into the horse, its breeding and its prospects. On other occasions the investor, having decided to buy a share in a racehorse, will seek out opportunities, possibly through use of the Internet.

There are numerous syndicates that advertise part ownership and the terms on which an investor purchases a share can vary enormously between providers. When a horse has real prospects a small number of owners might pay tens of thousands of pounds to purchase and to sustain a horse, which might include all kinds of ongoing costs such as veterinary fees.

Conversely there are other types of deal in which one can buy a share in a racehorse for a year, or even for a day.

Shares may be limited in number – for instance a particular horse may only have a small and restricted number of owners - or else share ownership may be widespread to the point where investors may purchase “fun” shares to the value of a hundred pounds or even less.

Another consideration when purchasing shares is how easy or indeed difficult it is to cancel ownership should your circumstances change, or your interest fade. Some contracts anticipate that investors will retain ownership for a given period, maybe even for the life of the racehorse. Others allow owners to return their share to the investment company in such an event.

Many syndicates will invest in more than one horse as a safeguard, in case the one racehorse becomes injured or lame, or turns out not to be a good runner. Again any such terms will be explained and should be understood before a transaction is made.

As long as a potential investor understands when deciding whether or not to buy a share in a racehorse that it is a high risk, high enjoyment project there are levels of entry to suit everyone’s tastes and individual circumstances. Compare different types of investments such as buying a stake in a racehorse at websites like those listed above.

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