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Possibly The Best Avatar Game Online - Make a Totally Unique Talking Avatar For Facebook, Twitter or Forums
Looking for a good avatar game? It's right here. Our Avatar Game lets you completely customise the look and feel of your avatar. You can then post your avatar on Facebook, Twitter, or even to your forum. Unlike most other free avatar games, Honest Johnny’s avatar game lets you make your avatar speak using the keys on your keyboard. Our text-to-speech avatar game lets you type whatever you want your avatar say, then your avatar will speak it back at you! This might be the ultimate avatar game – change the look of your avatar, swap clothes, add sunglasses and hats to your avatar, even change the background to match your mood. Our free avatar game gives you complete flexibility to make your free avatar do whatever you want it to, you can even make a singing avatar.

Try our free avatar game above, share your avatar with your friends, send them a talking avatar by email, get them making their own avatars too. The more the merrier! Honest Johnny’s free avatar game, possibly the best avatar game in the world today!

Create a free talking avatar today with the help of Honest Johnny’s free avatar game, a totally unique avatar game that gives you more choice and flexibility – and all for free. Most avatar games will ask for some kind of payment at some point whilst creating your avatar, and none of the avatars will speak to you. Our avatar game is completely free and even lets you make your avatar talk using text-to-speech technology. Give it a try using our avatar game above – it’s simple and fun to use and modify your avatar, so get started now!

What can I use my free avatar maker for?

The Honest Johnny free avatar maker lets you create an avatar for your facebook profile, twitter profile, or even to use in your forum profiles. The avatar maker is highly interactive and engaging, meaning you can fully customise your avatar, make it speak, change its clothes, even right down to changing your avatars shade of skin, the glasses it wears, the nose size and shape, hair style, body weight, face shape, and lots more fun customisable features that really let you create a free avatar that looks just like you. Most people love the text-to-speech feature of our avatar maker – simply by typing some text you can make your avatar say whatever you like. Then send it to you friends or post it onto twitter, facebook or myspace and make people laugh.

Try our free avatar maker today, it is still one of the best, most original and fun, fully customisable free avatar creators on the web today, so make your first avatar today and share it with all your friends!