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Compare Stakeholder Pension Schemes - Find The Best Stakeholder Pension Scheme - Compare Pensions Market
If you are looking to compare stakeholder pension schemes, try these providers:
The quickest, easiest way to compare stakeholder pension schemes. Simply select from the stakeholder pension scheme providers to your left and request a free comparison quote based on your requirements.
Compare Stakeholder Pension Schemes from leading pension providers. Using our free stakeholder pension scheme comparison site we show you offers from the leading pensions providers specialising in stakeholder pension schemes. If you are self-employed, you are entitled to a basic state pension, but you cannot get any additional state pension. It could therefore be wise to consider a separate stakeholder pension to give you a higher income than just a basic state pension alone after retirement. If you're an employee you can choose to be contracted out of your additional state pension. This still means you pay National Insurance Contributions at the full rate however. The Inland Revenue will then pay a National Insurance Contribution refund straight into your stakeholder pension scheme. The size of the rebate depends on earnings and age so the older you are the higher the rebate.

More about stakeholder pension schemes

A stakeholder pension is a secondary pension in addition to your State Pension, designed to boost your retirement income to fit the life style you want once you stop working. Stakeholder pensions are intended as an inexpensive way for individuals without an occupational pension or big enough personal pension for their needs. If you are in employment you could currently have an occupational pension that fulfills this requirement.
Because they're intended for people from low to moderate income the benefits of a stakeholder pension reflect this. Charges for a stakeholder pension are capped at one percent and the minimal monthly contribution is currently only £20, though your employer could pay further contributions into your stakeholder pension.

Stakeholder pensions are available from many financial providers such as insurance companies, banks and building societies. Other organisations such as trade unions also provide stakeholder pensions to their members. If you are employed, your employer must provide access to a stakeholder pension unless the company is exempt from this requirement. There is no fee to switch stakeholder pension provider.

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