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Car Warranty Guide - Get a Quote

Most new cars come with a warranty. You would not, after all, expect to pay sometimes tens of thousands of pounds for a new vehicle and then have to repair it at your own expense when the clutch caves in whilst you are driving it home from the showroom. The warranty to all intents and purposes guarantees you that anything that goes wrong when it shouldn’t have gone wrong, in other words when it was brand new or at least nearly new, will be corrected by the supplier.

A warranty for a used car is really something quite different. A car can be a little like a human being, we may live for several decades but individual bits drop off or stop working along the way.

If your car is still functioning ten years after you bought it you can be sure you will have changed the wheels, and the battery, and possibly even the clutch, alternator, starter motor and gearbox also.

A used-car warranty is thus a kind of insurance policy which will, in exchange for a premium, pay the cost of repairs as you and your car go along, meaning you will not be hit with any unpleasant and sometimes unmanageable surprises.

You will, of course, be required to present a clean bill of health when taking out the used car warranty policy. You will also be required to use the services of authorised repair outlets, sometimes provided or at least recommended by the car warranty provider itself. It is natural that any company offering a warranty on used cars will wish to protect itself from fraudulent claims by dishonest customers just seeking an upgrade on the free.

Different used car warranty providers, as well as charging different amounts for their services, will also include different exemptions in order to minimise their own liabilities. It is very important that potential customers consult a reliable car warranty guide before committing to a particular service.

Large and established companies such as Warranty Wise are typically upfront about what they will and will not pay out for, and these conditions are contained in clear written terms within their car warranty guide which will be available on the company website.

When purchasing car warranty on a used vehicle it is worth seeking out a provider that provides itself on its honesty and integrity, that does not plead too many exemptions and which outlines its terms and conditions for perusal prior to purchase. Indeed Warranty Wise goes one further than this and publishes its claims on a weekly basis on its online site.

If you are currenty looking to buy a used car warranty for your vehicle, why not try reputable used car warratny providers for a quote, such as those listed above.

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